In-depth guidance on critical IP topics.

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IP Guide for Startups

Important information about patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and intellectual property agreements specific to startup and early stage businesses.

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Patent Basics

A collection of resources on the fundamentals of U.S. patents and patent law.

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IP for General Counsel

Practical guide to intellectual property for in-house general counsel. Covers patents, trademarks, copyrights, IP agreements, & more for non-specialists.

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Trademark Basics

A collection of resources on the fundamentals of trademarks and trademark registration.

Guide to Foreign Priority Patent Filings in the USA

Detailed guidance about filing U.S. patent applications based on a foreign priority claim (Paris Convention) or as a PCT national phase entry. Intended for non-U.S. patent practitioners seeking to protect an invention in the USA.

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Guide to Trademark Registration in the USA

Detailed guidance about filing federal trademark applications on behalf of foreign applicants, including direct U.S. filings and ones with a priority claim under the Paris Convention or Madrid Protocol. Intended for trademark attorneys in other countries seeking to understand U.S. trademark registration at the USPTO.

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U.S. Patent Marking Guide

The ultimate guide to U.S. patent marking, addressing both legal requirements and practical considerations for marking patented articles.

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